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Get Attitude Podcast with Glenn Bill

Jan 21, 2020

1:31 - Bill Hart intro
2:27 - tell us about your self
3:54 - who taught you about attitude?
5:42 - how do you define attitude. Attitude is a choice
7:07 - who are the people who showed you attitude
13:58 - find somebody who sees what is possible
18:07 - an example of somebody with self belief
19:46 - Improving your...

Jan 14, 2020

Special guest Debbie Biery joins Glenn Bill on this episode of the GAP (Get Attitude Podcast) and explains how she bridged the gap from leading 5 to 5,000.


3:36 - Debbie intro

5:38 - Where was Debbie at the beginning of the bridge…20 years ago?

9:26 - How does Debbie define attitude?

13:54 - What were you able to...

Dec 24, 2019

  • 1:19 - Austin's intro
  • 5:48 - What was the self-talk as you made the transition from bartending to real estate?
  • 8:02 - What does attitude mean to you and who instilled that in you?
  • 10:56 - When you are interviewing people who are looking for a job, what attitude attributes do you look for?
  • 14:20 - In 10 years 1...

Dec 17, 2019

After a decade in corporate leadership, Susan decided to pursue her natural passion teaching busy, working professionals how to reduce stress and live a life of balanced success.
She has been studying mindset, meditation, and the power of the brain for 15 years.  She is a certified Transformational Meditation teacher,...

Dec 10, 2019

With the New Year quickly approaching, the subject of goals and new challenges naturally come to mind. But goals are just dreams if you don't master Attitude Booster #3 - Believe In You.

Today I’ll give you a preview of our incredible guests that will be joining us in the upcoming weeks. Each one of their stories...