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Get Attitude Podcast with Glenn Bill

Nov 26, 2019

Lori Wilson is an Emmy Award winning news anchor and reporter, entrepreneur, aspiring author, authentic and attitude engaged rock star and she's joining Glenn for an amazing conversation that will inspire you to personal and professional greatness. 

Lori's journey has been a long and winding one but it's her focus on establishing big goals and being able to adjust those goals to accept major opportunities that have propelled her career. 

She'll share how she maintains her attitude through the daily grind of news reporting and Atlanta traffic jams. She's also working on helping people lose weight, feel better and succeed where they may have failed in the past. 

Live at 11...Lori Wilson is reporting the good attitude news. Listen now! 

On today’s podcast…

3:50 - Attitude is the way that you see life and how you reflect you own values to others around you
9:38 - Balancing the positive and negative of sharing the news
15:15 - Lessons from Will Smith: Having a big goal AND being prepared to change it
19:58 - Stop waiting and do it afraid
24:31 - How to eat like an elephant and lose your big butt
28:58 - Dis-empowering beliefs for young women in Lori's industry
37:30 - You have to push, make money and have fun.
44:41 - Know your worth and bet on yourself


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