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Get Attitude Podcast with Glenn Bill

Dec 3, 2019

A signature away from bankruptcy, on the brink of divorce, facing financial and personal ruin, Dave and Yvette Ulloa made a choice. They chose to hit the books and explore all the ways they could change their attitudes and financial situation. Through hard work, belief and amazing mentors they went from 70k in debt to Blue Collar Millionaires. 

Today, Dave and Yvette run one of the largest travel companies in the world, they're serial entrepreneurs and they're helping others realizes the changes they've made that saved their lives. 

In this episode we discuss what they learned from personal development greats that helped them bridge the gap between where they were and where they wanted to be. We'll also learn how they are helping others realize that just because you've grown up blue collar doesn't mean you can't achieve the extraordinary life you've always wanted.

On today’s podcast…

3:00 - Your attitude equals your attitude
6:42 - "Just because people we're average people doesn't mean we need to live an average life."
11:54 - Dave and Yvette get all the way to the bankruptcy office before turning things around.
16:46 - The things Dave and Yvette do automatically now to renew and reinforce their attitude.
22:34 - How Dave and Yvette pulled their marriage out of the brink
27:53 - Knowledge through the decades
29:42 - Having the confidence of a baby
34:53 - Desire + Belief + Massive Action = Success
37:55 - The only way out of the rat race
42:50 - Preparing yourself for the challenges ahead


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