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Get Attitude Podcast with Glenn Bill

Nov 19, 2019

What would happen if all your wildest dreams came true, your biggest goals achieved...and you had to wake up the next morning and go to work?

That was the situation our guest today found himself in. Casey Crawford went from not making the training camp cut to winning a Super Bowl all in the same season. After his dream came true, he had to wake up and figure out what to do with the REST of his life. 

Casey had a big goal, reached it and then generated an even bigger goal, to become an entrepreneur that disrupted his industry and put his community in a better position than he found it. Following his football days during a stint in real estate, Casey became alarmed by glaring inadequacies within the lending industry. The greed and corruption among leadership, the lack of value and care toward employees, and the inattentiveness toward community problems seemed like wide open opportunities.  Casey founded Movement Mortgage in 2008 on the Christian values he shares with co-founder Toby Harris. In this episode he'll discuss his life in football, entrepreneurship and his Movement Foundation's effort to "pour it back in" to his community. 

On today’s podcast…

3:15 - Casey learns from two humble hard-working entrepreneurs, his parents.
7:48 - Casey's greatest adversity becomes his greatest opportunity. Casey gets cut from the Panthers and ends up with a Super Bowl
11:37 - How Jon Gruden casted a superbowl vision on Casey and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
15:07 - Waking up the next day after all your dreams come true.
18:17 - The joy of life is in the journey uphill
28:48 - Casey's Movement Foundation is growing, attitude aligned and pouring back into the community
36:14 - Great mentors, deep purpose, pour it back out


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